2018 Rangliste – Open Danish Ranking

The purpose of the 2018 ranking is to award prices for the best performance in different conditions across generations over the sailing season from May 1 to December 1, 2018. Derived purposes or qualifications are not the responsibility of organizers and the organizers will as a rule not take action for any such causes.

Participants and Price Eligibility

Members of the Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, German and Dutch national Finn organizations are eligible to win the Grand Price. All other IFA members are invited to participate.

Ranking System The ranking system is with thanks inspired by the US Laser Master ranking system.

Races Any 24 races from the five regattas in the series may count.

Regattas The following regattas count in the series:

• Kastrup Cup, May 5-6, Kastrup.

• GKSS, May 11-12, Långedrag

• Swedish Nationals, August 10-12, Träslövsläge.

• Danish Nationals, August 16-18, Middelfart.

• Dragør Cup, September 15-16, Dragør.

Points System

Sailors below 70 will have one point added to the result of each race.

Sailors below 60 will have two points added to the result of each race.

Sailors below 50 will have three points added to the result of each race.

Sailors below 40 will have four points added to the result of each race.

In case of point equality the older gentleman will win.

Appeal, redress and other paralegal actions. The decisions of the organizers cannot be appealed. The ranking is a private initiative and is not associated with DS or DIF.

We are working on a price for the ranking. Stay tuned.

After first regatta the results are:

Ranking 2018 as per May 6 2018 V2

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